• Swiss Ceiling Fan designs to select from (please contact us for an appointment)
  • Quality manufacturing and a “black box” product in customer specified packaging displaying the Swiss Module Inside™ logo
  • Custom Swiss Ceiling Fan designs prepared specifically for our customers (design and engineering fees will be applied)


Swiss Modules™ and Swiss Ceiling Fans™ contain innovative utility and design concepts and benefit from strong intellectual property protection including:
  • Powered blade deployment and retraction for ceiling fan – US Patent 7, 857, 591 82
  • Mechanisms for actuating powered blades in a ceiling fan, changing pitch of the blades, and moving the fan housings to conceal / expose the blades – US Patent 8, 864, 463 B2 and other patents pending.
  • Advanced electronic control systems and software for safe, reliable operation of a powered blade deployment ceiling fan – patent pending.
  • Other enabling utility patents, design patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.